Our services are mainly aimed at institutions, education centres, schools, foundations, associations, NGOs, companies and professionals of the social and education sectors.

By means of a methodology based on active and reflexive participation, and with a reference multidisciplinary team of proven experience, it is generally sought to build bridges between the centre, the family and the social environment to which the education environment belongs, as a distinction mark of our comprehensive view of work.


Out-of-school activities provide numerous benefits regarding the child’s personality and are a great opportunity for them to develop skills that are not trained enough at school.

“What is the most important is that they help children improve their self-esteem and have a positive self-concept.”

These activities also provide different benefits and it is important to choose depending on what is more suitable for our child. “There is not a better activity, since it depends on each child, their skills, needs and, above all, their preferences.


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