History of Tágora

In January 2009, in a house located in Tiagua (Lanzarote), a group of professionals of diverse career and education, and after several work experiences in the administration, associations, NGOs and companies of the social and education sectors, decided to join their interests and effort in order to carry out a self-employment project, which in turns might answer to the current needs of the sectors they belonged to. And this is how Tágora was born.

In a crisis context, in a complex and limited territory, with no other budget than the value of our experience, professionals of Social Work, Social Education, Anthropology, Law, Journalism, Sociocultural Entertainment, Sociology, Pedagogy, Biology, Environmental Science, Psychology, Engineering, Teaching, among others, started to influence each other and work together in different programmes and projects.

We did not know it at the time, but this approach and our professional encouragement to do develop experimental projects in the education and social science sectors, and carry them out in such a complicated social and economic context, led to a model of work sustainable in time and based on innovation, continuous dynamic and knowledge and collaboration networks.

Since February 2009 to the present, Tágora provides different services to schools, associations, companies, private clients and institutions, generally connected to the areas of Environment, Social Services, Culture, Youth and Citizen Participation of the administration; working on the design and realisation of projects regarding research and social intervention, design of materials and educational campaigns, training activities, technical advice to institutions, monitoring of community projects, design of environmental education programmes, among others.

Tágora, before being a business project, was an IDEA from the beginning. And that IDEA was about innovating with a professional dynamic which included values and a work philosophy, with an own methodology and “know-how”, with a creative attitude and commitment, permeable to social changes, flexible and open enough to adapt to critical circumstances and achieve goals paying attention to (and communicating) its values.

That IDEA has been constantly evolving over time and it is open to continuous improvement and adaptation, as it was at the beginning. The experiences, the people we work with and the professionals that have been or are part of our team still provide substance, personality and sense to the project, which is called Tágora today.

Our facilities

These are some photos of our facilities: